Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


This site is dedicated to sharing information about what I do as a musician, composer and researcher. I will happily receive any kind of feedback, especially through posting comments in any of the two blogs, either the one dedicated to music or the one more geared towards thinking (through music). The site is definitely an infinite work-in-progress but hopefully you will not experience weird behaviour and broken links. However, if you do, please feel free to send me a note about what happened and how it happened.

I will attempt to use this site, among other things, as a virtual stage posting new recordings every now and then. Please check back regularly and thank you for visiting!

recent updates

2014-10-02 [Music]

The Transparent I

The premiere of The Transparent I with Ensemble Ars Nova and guest Wu Wei on sheng.
2014-05-03 [News]

lim and laura toxvaerd trio

lim is performing another concert in the Entranet series, this time in Malmö. In a double concert with Laura Toxvaerd the quartet with Peter Nilsson, David Carlsson, Samuel Hällqvist and myself will further explore their new setting and new repertoire.

May 11 at 18:00 at IAC, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö
OBS! Insläpp endast mellan 17:30-18:00

2014-04-26 [News]

La voyage dans la lune

At the semester meeting in the Swedish artistic research school at Gotland we did an improvisation with the wonderful Méliès film "A trip to the moon". The entire concept of playing music to film is something I am interested in exploring further. After several projects, notably Diagonalsymfonin and the project with Isaac Julien and most recently, the work I've done with Anders Elberling, I would like to take it a step further.
2014-02-13 [News]

lim at vinterjazz in Copenhagen

lim is performing at Vinterjazz festival in Copenhagen, for the first time with the new lineup featuring Samuel Hällqvist.

We are playing at the club 5e at 20:00 Friday February 14.

2014-01-27 [Music]

Go to Hell

Go To Hell: installation and performance with The Six Tones. Choreography by Marie Fahlin. Video by Anders Elberling and Jörgen Dahlqvist. Sound and light installation by Gerhard Eckel. Music by Rolf Riehm, Henrik Frisk (all live electronics), Richard Karpen and The Six Tones. Light design by Sutoda.

Go To Hell: gesture and sound on the threshold.

Go to Hell is an installation and performance work set on the threshold between gesture and sound and between the worlds of the dead and the living. The three musicians of the Vietnamese/Swedish group The Six Tones move through the subterranean landscape of the dismantled R1 nuclear reactor like mythological after-images. Fragments from the myth of Orpheus are double-exposed with the tale of a beheaded ghost from Vietnamese Tuong theatre. Evoked by the potential danger of the location, the audience is invited to explore an interactive and open form installation that relates to ancient myth and its bearings on experimental art of today. The choreographies and video art all relate to the gestural and conceptual content of Toccata Orpheus, a composition for guitar solo by the German composer Rolf Riehm.
2014-01-24 [Music]

The Mystic Writing Pad II

The title, The Mystic Writing Pad, refers to Freud's 1924 paper in which he lays out a hypothesis about the inner functionlity of human perception. This is the second, all electronic part, in the suite of pieces called the Mystic Writing Pad.
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