Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


This site is dedicated to sharing information about what I do as a musician, composer and researcher. I will happily receive any kind of feedback, especially through posting comments in any of the two blogs, either the one dedicated to music or the one more geared towards thinking (through music). The site is definitely an infinite work-in-progress but hopefully you will not experience weird behaviour and broken links. However, if you do, please feel free to send me a note about what happened and how it happened.

I will attempt to use this site, among other things, as a virtual stage posting new recordings every now and then. Please check back regularly and thank you for visiting!

recent updates

2016-05-08 [News]

I-N-E-A #6 at Fylkingen, Stockholm

New music by Lars Bröndum, Lisa Ullén, Girilal Baars and myself. Two sets of structured improvisation on piano, saxophone, electronics and voice.

2016-02-19 [News]

När träden sover/subtraktion och Ur askan/Unverwüstbarkeit av Eb

Det är fåfängt att drömma om en vildmark fjärran från oss själva. Någon sådan finns inte. Det är myrmarkerna i våra hjärnor och magar, naturens urkraft inom oss, som lockar fram den drömmen. Jag kan aldrig hitta en större vildmark i det ödsliga Labrador än i en vrå av Concord, dvs. än vad jag själv för med mig dit. H D Thoreaus dagbok, 30 augusti 1856
2016-01-23 [News]

In a Silent Way

Saturday January 24, 16.00

Katakomberna i Kvarnbyn & Galleri Fyra små Rum

Götaforsliden 13, övre entrèn / Mölndal

The band playing the music of Miles Davis from the late sixties and early seventies is performing in Mölndal, just outside of Gothenburg. It's a beautiful group of old and young musicians mixed making original interpretations of songs such as Sanctuary, Bitches Brew and Delores.
2015-02-26 [News]

Miles in a silent way

We are making a recording of some of the music we performed at the concert last year. The depth of the music of Miles Davis in the period from the late sixties to the early seventies in mindboggling. The radical attitude towards editing and recording makes it sometimes difficult to approach, but once you do, it is very rewarding...
2015-01-23 [News]

expEAR with Katt Hernandez

expEAR is a new project situated in the border between art and research. After a week long workshop with Katt Hernandez we do two concerts in Malmö and in Uppsala. See expear.com for more information.
2015-01-14 [News]

lim: recording of Disembodied

lim is recording their fourth CD. This is the first recording with guitarist Samuel Hällqvist.
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