(Re)Thinking Improvisation is the name of a research project at the Malmö Academy of Music, funded by the Swedish Research Council that I’m a part of. The project takews a broad view on improvisation and the artistic practicies (in music) that are involved with improvisation in different ways. In November of 2011 we will host an exciting event in Malmö for which we have put out a call for contributions (see below). Please spread the information to sources you that you think might be interested.

Call for contributions

We welcome proposals that address improvisation from a wide range of perspectives and in various formats. We particularly welcome contributions in artistic form (also in artistic expressions other than music). Accepted contributions will be organized as parts of thematized sessions, establishing a critical dialogue. Deadline for proposals is May 15. The submissions will be peer-reviewed and a notification of acceptance will be announced no later than June 15. The description of the content and format of the presentation should be no more than 300 words and may also include audio and video material. The contributions may be of variable length but should not be more than 20 minutes. Please also indicate what kind of venue that might be suitable for the contribution and list any technical requirements. All accepted contributions will be published in the multimedia publication which will constitute the peer reviewed conference proceedings.

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