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October 28, 2009

Sucktion: A Cyborgopera by Anne LeBaron

On November 13 I will perform in a staging of Anne LeBaron's Cyborgopera Sucktion. I will perform the laptop part which, interestingly enough, is written adding in a lot of freedom for me as a performer. The way the part is written, with a mixture of pre-prepared material, instructions for improvisations, and instructions on how to use material from the other performers (soprano and percussion), gives me a lot of liberty.

I have started looking for sounds and tools to use for my performance. I will continue using the Korg NANOpad which I bought recently for my Guelph Jazz Festival performance in September as it will be the perfect controller for the Sucktion laptop part. I will use build the main interface using Pd and use the Hexter and Bristol DSSI plugins for some of the MIDI sounds. The Thermin like sounds used, in particular in Scene I, I think I will create as small Pd sub-patches, possibly pitchtracking live input.

I will make stuff available here as I go along, as long as the composer will not object against it.

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October 15, 2009

Fedora, MacBook Pro, and internal sound

Since I received my brand new MacBook Pro (17'') I haven't figured out how to get sound routed to the internal speakers using PulseAudio. The headphone outlet produced sound though and for that reason I hadn't bothered too much (it was kind of nice to not have to listen to all the little Gnome sounds; swishes and poffs and what not). But tonight I decided to do something about it.

From using Jack I had noticed that sound output from the internal sound card (a HDA NVidia with a Realtek ALC889A chip) was sent to the headphone outlet on channel 1 and 2, and to the internal speakers on channel 3 and 4. For PulseAudio the remedy proved to be some settings easily made in the ALSA mixer.

Start the ALSA mixer by simply typing

$ alsamixer
at the command line. If the right soundcard is not displayed choose the internal one by pressing F6. Once the settings for the right soundcard are displayed, set it in 4ch mode (the rightmost option in the playback section). Then, raise the volume of the 'surround' channel.

That's it. Now there should be sound coming out of the speakers, the volume of which is controllable by the keyboard shortcuts.

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Back after months of inactivity

I experienced a bit of a void after my PhD dissertation/defense about a year ago, so bad that I had no interest in posting on this blog. Well, I'm back now, intending to do something about it. I still have much to write about!

To new and returning readers: Welcome (back) to the unordered mix of (music) technology, artistic practice and research, and music philosophy!

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