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November 07, 2009

Soap operas

Browsing the web for Soap Opera content for our Sucktion performance I came across this particularly funny clip:

What strikes me about this passage is how it reveals something about the attention span of the dialogue of the drama. The lead character claims to have made the move from "waiting tables" to the CEO of the company in just 13 weeks. That is quite an achievement.

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November 03, 2009

Vacuum cleaner performance

I started looking at different ways in which the soprano can "perform" on the vacuum cleaner in Anne LeBaron's Opera Sucktion. One option would be to let Marja, who is doing the soprano part, use a Wii controller that I then map unto some parameters of some part of the synthesis. Another option would be to rig the vacuum cleaner that is a part of the performance, with contact microphones and let the sound input from these microphones control aspects of the sound synthesis. This latter option is perhaps my preferred one, also because it will, I believe, more easily integrate into the general vibe of the piece.

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November 01, 2009

Sucktion: laying out the files

Having spent the last few days familiarizing myself with the sound and MIDI-files for Anne LeBarons Cyber opera Sucktion I'm now starting to get an idea of what is expected of me. Initially I thought I'd make use of the MIDI files in order to generate some of the part in real-time. On second thought, however, I think I will rather focus on the audio files provided by the composer, and work with them in various ways. As much as I like the idea of real-time manipulation and generation of sound, the concept of stuck notes is equally off-putting. I may still use parts of the MIDI-files for certain aspects to reinforce a particular part of a voice.

For the audio files I will use a Pd patch I developed for a concert earlier this year that allows me to scratch the sound-files using various techniques. What I would like to be able to do here is to play back the original sound file while at the same time scratch a copy of the same file and mix it in together with the original.

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