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etherSound - an interactive sound installation

Henrik Frisk
Malmö Academy of Music - Lund University
Box 8203, 20041 Malmö, Sweden

Date: 18 September 2007


This article describes the interactive instrument/sound installation etherSound and discusses its artistic and ethical implications. etherSound is a work in progress and the main intention is to create a vehicle for audience participation through the use of SMS (Short Message Service). The two different contexts in which etherSound has been tried (in concert with performers and as a sound installation without performers) are discussed as well as the design of the system and the mapping between text and sound. A notion of a 'democracy of participation' is introduced. The relatively fast response of the system, the familiarity of the interface (the cellular phone) and the accessibility of the system suggests that the cellular phone can be successfully integrated in a sonic art work.

Henrik Frisk, Malmoe Academy of Music