etherSound, CD cover

etherSound recordings

Below is a list of a few documented concerts and performances of etherSound, as well as examples of what a typical message composition may sound like.

In 2009 a CD of etherSound was released: Music for improvisors and absent audience. Henrik Frisk and drummer Peter Nilsson improvises on seven tracks along with the electronic part, which is the result of a large number of SMS messages contributed by collaborators during a concert performance of etherSound on May 8, 2004 at Jeriko in Malmö, Sweden. The messages appear in the exact same order and at the exact same relative time position as they were received in the concert and in that sense, this recording is a mirror reflection in time of that evening: Those who participated in the concert also participate on this recording. Henrik Frisk and Peter Nilsson have performed together for almost 15 years but etherSound is their first duo recording.

Go here to listen to and download more music by Henrik Frisk.


etherSound: Pantokrator

An excerpt from the first track from the CD etherSound.

Download [mp3 - 1,4MB]

Posted: 2010-11-07


etherSound: Luc:)Knallal

An excerpt from the third track from the CD etherSound.

Download [mp3 - 1,8MB]

Posted: 2010-11-07


etherSound: Emancipation

An excerpt from the last track from the CD etherSound.

Download [mp3 - 1,7MB]

Posted: 2010-11-07



A movie (.flv - a flash movie) of a concert at Huset in Copenhagen during ICMC 2007.

Download [flv - 22,08MB]

Posted: 2007-10-29



This is the output of five consecutive, slightly overlapping messages in the current (May 2005) version of etherSound.

Download [mp3 - 1,88MB]

Posted: 2005-05-11



This is a 6min excerpt from a recording of a performance made at Malmö Konstmuseum on September 7, 2003 of the interactive piece etherSound.

Download [mp3 - 7,6MB]

Posted: 2009-05-11