Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


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expEAR & Drew Gress

expEAR is a group created by Henrik Frisk (sax), Maggi Olin (pi) and Peter Nilsson (dr) - three Swedish jazz musicians who have played together for decades. They intentionally left room for extra members because one of the main purposes of expEAR is to explore the potential openness of contemporary jazz and improvised music. Finding musicians and artists that have a long and particular experience of developing a unique voice in music is part of the quest: who could be better equipped to fulfill this role than the phenomenal bassist Drew Gress?

In nine compositions by Gress, Olin and Frisk the four musicians play with unconditional sensibility seeking the soft poetry of Cradle Song as well as the roaring intensity of New Leaf. Blue to Pink allows for melodic beauty and Vesper hard swing, while Removal by Suction shows dark and secret undertones. The dynamic mix between Nilsson's powerful drumming and Gress' solid bass lays down a rhythmic foundation for Olin's harmonic complexity and Frisk's tenor saxophone.

The CD was recorded in December 2015 following a tour in Sweden.

credits: Saxophone

Kopasetic Prodcutions



Disembodied Violence: Hate is the title of an essay by the dystopian French philosopher Jean Baudrillard which provides a perspective on the expressions of hate we are surrounded with. To Baudrillard, this contemporary form of violence is born of indifference. It has no counterpart, it is blind and it cannot be met by an "equal and opposite violence. Only hate." The music on this CD attempts to offer a humble and temporary alternative to the kind of virtual phantom violence that Baudrillard discusses. The presence and openness music can offer helps us supersede feelings of powerlessness and move beyond destructive brutality and terror. Hate, "a passion at odds with itself", is destabilized through listening. Listen.

credits: Saxophone

Kopasetic Prodcutions

Signal in Noise

The Six Tones

This double CD was recorded at a point when The Six Tones had begun opening up towards the many subcultures of experimental and electronic music on the scene in Hanoi. Initially, the group was focussed specifically on the encounter between the traditional Vietnamese music that Ngô Trà My (who plays đàn bầu) and Nguyễn Thanh Thủy (who plays đàn tranh) represented and the Western experimental and composed musics that Henrik Frisk and Stefan Östersjö were associated with. From this point of departure, the group became more and more a venue for destabilizing our identities as performers. This instability has urged a different kind of listening, a tuning in to the noise of an unknown music. The essence of our aims with the group is to create music that builds on the tension between our distinct traditions but in order to achieve a more in depth understanding of these interrelations, many years of mutual learning have been called for.

credits: saxophone, laptop

db Productions

lim with Marc Ducret

lim featuring Marc Ducret

lim with Marc Ducret documents the continued collaboration between lim and French guitarist Marc Ducret. The on going collaboration was initiated during KOPAfestival 2006 and parts of their 2006 performance is also featured on the CD KOPAlectric. Although the fourth CD by lim this new album is the first studio recording with Ducret.

lim´s music and unique sound is the result of a committed and long-term group effort that was initiated over decade ago. This recording clearly shows that the music of this group continues to evolve while, at the same time, their expression has been refined. Despite the complexity of both the compositions and the interplay, lim & Ducret manages to create music that is both organic, original, dynamic and engaging and feels personal, vital, creative, challenging and urgent. This recording is an sincere artistic imprint and marks a new take-off for the band in its quartet version.

The CD was recorded live in front of an audience in Gula Studion in Malmö, Sweden, during two nights in November 2010.

credits: saxophone

Kopasetic Productions


Stefan Östersjö, Jörgen Pettersson, and others.

This CD contains a recording of my piece Repetition Repeats all other Repetitions played by Stefan Östersjö. The recording was made in a concert in Växj6ouml;, Sweden in 2007. This CD, featuring Swedish elector acoustic music, also contains compositions by composerrs Malin Bång, Hans Parment, Anders Blomqvist, Mirjam Tally, Thomas Liljeholm and Hideki Kozakura.

credits: composer

Chamber Sound (CSCD 10044)


Henrik Frisk/Peter Nilsson Duo

Henrik Frisk and Peter Nilsson have performed together for almost 15 years but etherSound is their first duo recording. As a set of 7 improvised pieces along a pre generated electronics track, etherSound is also part of a larger concept making queries into concepts such as audience participation and generative music.

The electronic part is the result of a large number of SMS messages contributed by collaborators during a concert performance of etherSound on May 8, 2004 at Jeriko in Malmö, Sweden. All the messages sent during that hour were stored along with the absolute time at which they were received and just as their contents were used that day to generate computer originated sounds have they been used in this recording to generate the electro- acoustic track. The messages appear in the exact same order and at the exact same relative time position as they were received in the concert and in that sense, this recording is a mirror image in time of that evening. Those who participated in the concert also participate on this recording.

For more info go to the project site: henrikfrisk.com/ethersound.

credits: Saxophone, bass clarinet, computer

Kopasetic Productions, KOPACD024


lim featuring Marc Ducret

A live recording from the Kopasetic festival 2007 in Malmö featuring the great French guitarist Marc Ducret along with the trio lim. This CD also features the bands Elektra Hyde and Anders Nilsson's Aorta.

credits: Saxophone

Kopasetic Productions, KOPACD016



This is lim's second cd. Compared to the trio's first release this one has more of a live feeling to it. It features seven original compositions.

If you want to buy your copy go here where you can also listen to a few excerpts.

credits: saxophone, bass clarinet, guitar, producer, engineer

Kopasetic Productions, KOPACD010

MMC New Century Series, Vol. 17

Warszaw Philharmonic, Henrik Frisk, Richie Beirach

This recording was done in 1995 and 96, but hasn't been released until now. It features my composition Tetrachordal Variations and myself and Richie Beirach are the improvising soloists.

credits: composer, saxophone

MMC, MMC2137

Viola con Forza

Henrik Frendin

This cd features drive, a piece for Electric Viola Grande - a custom built electronically amplified viola - and computer by Henrik Frisk. The piece was commissioned by Henrik Frendin and premiered at an concert in Malmö in October 2003.

credits: composer

Phono Suecia PSCD 151

In Absence of Mind

The Orchestra

Jakob Riis is an extraordinary composer who has been writing for The Orchestra ever since 1992 when the band started. This cd features his compositions for big band composed between 1994 and 2001. Read more about Jakob Riis and this release here.

credits: conductor

COPE Records, Copecd 073



This is the first cd of the collective group lim. It features seven original tunes, a Charlie Parker original (“Constellation&rdquo) and a standard (“East of the Sun”). The cd was recorded and mixed in Studio Gulan in Malmö by lim.

credits: saxophones, bass clarinet, composer, producer, co-engineer

dB Productions


Henrik Frisk/Richie Beirach

This is Henrik's second cd for the Canadian label Hornblower. It features longtime friend Richie Beirach in a duo context. A few modern standards mixed with original compositions by both Henrik Frisk and Richie Beirach.

credits: composer, saxophones

Hornblower HR98103

Smoke Out

The Orchestra

This CD by The Orchestra - their second - contains three new compositions by Henrik Frisk and altogether six mind twisting tunes by the elite of young Danish jazz-composers. Henrik Frisk is conducting the band (and can also be heard as soloist on two of the tracks) in a worthy follow-up to Not as Softly as....

credits: conductor, composer, tenor saxophone

dB Productions

Blue Pages

Blue Pages

Blue Pages was a band that made its debut in 1996 in Copenhagen as part of the Cultural Capital of Europe project. 1997 the band was chosen for the Jazz in Sweden award by the Swedish Concert Institute. This record was recorded as a part of that prize and features compositions by all the members of the band.

credits: composer, saxophones

Caprice Records

Inventions of Solitude

Henrik Frisk

The Inventions of Solitude was Henrik Frisks first release on the Canadian recording label Hornblower Recordings. It features a series of solo saxophone improvisations, some using overdubs and electronics, by Henrik Frisk and a very interesting piece, Saxony, by James Tenney for saxophone and tape delay system. The music was recorded in 1995 at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.

credits: composer, saxophones

Hornblower HR 96101

Live in Copenhagen

Beijbom/Kroner Big Band

A Swedish/Danish joint venture - this big band has existed for some time and plays a mix of argentinian tango and swedish funk... Henrik Frisk appears as a sideman on this recording, featured on tenor and soprano saxophones. This CD won an award for best danish jazz album of 1996.

credits: saxophones

Four Leaf Clover FLCCD143

Not as Softly as...

The Orchestra

This first release by The Orchestra marks the debut of a young and promising big band. Two of the titles on this CD, the title track Not as Softly as... and Pain City are compositions by Henrik Frisk. The CD received lots of attention when it was first released.

credits: composer