Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


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International Seminar at the Malmö Academy of Music

In connection with the centenary celebration of the Malmö Academy an interesting seminar is taking place October 10-11. For the first time researchers from the fields of Music Education and Music Performance meet to discuss the research performed at the Malmö Academy.

For more information visit the Malmö Academy of Music website or download the invitation.

As one part of our centenary celebrations we arrange a conference in Malmö, October, 11-12. The conference, The International Seminar on the Education and Performance of Music starts in the morning Thursday Oct 11 at 11 am and finishes Friday 12 at 3 pm. One point of departure for some of the presentations and discussions will be the book A Decade of Research in Music Education, launched at the start of the conference and summarizing the music education research conducted in Malmö/Lund during the past ten years. Another point of departure is the experiences from the development and the first years of artistic research in music at the Malmö Academy of Music. All presentations and discussions will be in plenum, with good time for discussions. Each session starts with a 30-minute presentation followed by 45-60 minutes of discussion and comments.

Keynote speakers:

  • Professor Robert Walker, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
  • Professor Graham Welch, Institute of Education, London University, UK.
  • Professor David Hargreaves, Roehampton University, UK.
  • Dr. Marcel Cobussen, Leiden University, the Netherlands.
  • Dr. Per Nilsson, PhD Umeå University, Sweden.