Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


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Major CD distribution in bankruptcy.

The Swedish CD distribution company CDA has today announced that they will file a petition in bankruptcy. In practice this means that my CDs as well as those by other artists at Kopasetic productions will be (even) more difficult to come by. However, all Kopasetic Productions may be bought from Kopasetic.se

One reason for the bankruptcy of CDA was cut backs on the government subsidies and the break down hence marks the end of an era of generous public funding for the sonic arts. Although it is questionable whether distribution companies such as CDA should at all receive government support (that support may be better served else where in the chain of production), fact reamins that it will be very difficult in the future for Swedish experimental music to get distribution outside of their own channels. On the other hand one may argue that the CD as a product has, or at least will, become redundant and that it is not ecologically sane to physically distribute pieces of plastic when most consumers have the technology necessary to receive and perceive the music virtually.