Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


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Henrik Frisk's Pli live concert

The Swedish National Radio is broadcasting a live recording with my new 10-piece band Henrik Frisk's Pli on Tuesday night November 3. The concert was recorded in Malmö on October 1st. The broadcast may be accessed on the web, streaming by visiting www.sr.se/p2 in various popular formats such as poddradio. The concert was part of the Kopasetic festival 2009.

Pli is a 10 piece band with some of my favourite musicians including Almaz Yebio (vocal), Marcelo Gabard Pazos (alto and baritone sax), Morten Carlsen (tenor sax), Jakob Riis (trombone, laptop), Samuel Hällkvist (guitar), Sten Sandell (piano, voice, electronics), Nils Ölmedal (double bass), David Carlsson (electric bass), Peter Nilsson (drums).