Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


Current events and scheduled concerts. You can sign up to my mailing list if you want to be contacted by email about concerts. Due to personal reasons I have not been able to publish all events here as usual for 2012 and 2013.

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Performance of Repetition Repeats all other Repetitions in Ghent

Stefan Östersjö is performing my piece Repetition Repeats all other Repetitions at the ORCiM research festival in Ghent, Belgium tonight. The new version of the piece is the first that actually implements all of the original ideas with regard to interaction and dynamic form.

About The Orpheus Institute

Orpheus Institute has been providing POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION (laureate programme) for musicians since 1996 and introduced the first doctoral programme for performers and composers in Flanders (2004).

Acting as an umbrella institution for Flanders it is co-governed by the music and dramatic arts departments of all four Flemish colleges, which are strongly involved in its working. read more

Orpheus Institute also addresses the music scene as a whole by organising seminars, lectures, workshops, conventions and master classes about subjects related to artistic research, musical practice, artistic testimonials, etc. Most events involve top-notch national and international musicians, artists and researchers from various disciplines.