Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


These are the projects and groups that I am currently working with. Some of these are part of my doctorate project at the Malmö Academy of Music. I have not yet completed this list so not all projects are listed here.

Henrik Frisk's Ooko

Ooko is the word for ear in Nadsat which is the argot spoken by the teenagers in A Clockwork Orange. The music of the quartet flows out of principles such as self-organisation and improvisation, the meanings of which are of paramount importance to the group. Freedom is therefore an important aspect, also the idea of exploring that which is commonly thought to be non-free, and the smallest components of sounds become the most important ingredients. Katrine Amsler excursions in the territories of sound are as fascinating as are Michala Østergaard-Nielsen's drumming and Johannes Burström's bassplaying. The music is composed by Henrik Frisk (saxophone), and the ambition with this trio is to resist unity and embrace multiplicity by not disregarding any aspects of the musical past and present of the members of the group. In the resulting cacophony we can only trust our ooko.

Listen to Ooko here and here and look here for some videos.


Aspasia (2009-02-15)

The New Delhi Moped Anthem (2009-02-15)

The Deadly Gardening Accident (2009-02-15)

The Chase (2009-02-15)

Opening Free (2009-02-15)

Posted: 2009-12-21, updated: 2011-04-01