Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


This site is dedicated to sharing information about what I do as a musician, composer and researcher. I will happily receive any kind of feedback, especially through posting comments in any of the two blogs, either the one dedicated to music or the one more geared towards thinking (through music). The site is definitely an infinite work-in-progress but hopefully you will not experience weird behaviour and broken links. However, if you do, please feel free to send me a note about what happened and how it happened.

I will attempt to use this site, among other things, as a virtual stage posting new recordings every now and then. Please check back regularly and thank you for visiting!

recent updates

2018-11-28 [News]

New publication

My paper "ArtDoc - An Experimental Archive and a Tool for Artistic Research" is now available in a Spinger publication:

Music Technology with Swing
13th International Symposium, CMMR 2017, Matosinhos, Portugal, September 25-28, 2017,
Revised Selected Papers

2018-11-27 [News]

Lecture at artistic research conference, Lisboa, Portugal

For the release of the anthology Investigacao em Artes - a necessidade das ideias artisticas for which I have contributed a chapter, a conference is staged in Lisboa. I will hold one of the lectures concerning the work with the piece Machinic Propositions.
2018-11-26 [News]

Henrik Frendin / Henrik Frisk Duo

The duo is playing at the Club Matrix in Rotterdam at 23:00 on November 22. More about the duo here.
2018-11-16 [News]

Mongrel: Machinic Propositions

The video piece Machinic Propositions is performed at the festival Micromusic at the city of Romans south of Grenoble. Read more about Mongrel in the 'projects' section under 'music'.
2018-06-24 [News]

Concert and presentation in Manchester

In the coming week I will be in Manchester at the NOVARS Research Centre (MUSIC) at the University of Manchester for the EASTN-DC festival of Digital Creativity. Read more at the Manchester EASTN-DC site where you can also find the full program.

A recent - the first performance of this version - piece by Mongrel (Henrik Frisk and Anders Elberling), Machinic Propositions will be performed.

2018-05-28 [Document]

ArtDoc - an Experimental Archive [slides]

A presentation on ongoing work on the development of a database for artistic practice and artistic research. The presentation was held at KTH in connection with Ludwig Elblaus public defence of his PhD thesis.

ArtDoc is an experimental archive primarily for documenting artistic practice. One of the ambitions is to address the question of how artistic practice may be documented in a manner that makes visible the processes in action. ArtDoc has its roots in research and artistic practice that began over ten years ago and preliminary tests shows it to be a useful complement to other means to document musical works and artistic processes. The particular case of open form works, works that in some respect are negotiated between the different agents involved, such as composers, musicians and members of the audience was a point of departure and has guided the development to a significant degree. The underlying structure of documentation classes is presented and some of the design choices are discussed. ArtDoc is still under construction but a working proof of concept will be released in 2018.

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