Elle a dansé is an audio-visual piece first performed at the installation project Go To Hell in Stockholm in October 2013. It will now be performed again at the festival Tacit or Loud in Malmö Monday December 1 at 8pm in the black room of Inter arts centre.Anders Elberling and myself have worked for several years and we have a research project currently in the works. We are investigating the relationship between audio and video in integrated works, both live and fixed media.

Il se tourna

Henrik Frisk / Anders Elberling

This work, commissioned for the performance installation Go to Hell in October 2013, is a reflection on the myth of the famous musician and poet Orpheus whose attempt to save his loved Eurydice from the underworld ends with fatal consequences. There are many different transcriptions of the myth, the most commonly referred version is from the time of Virgil in which Eurydice died from a fatal bite while attempting to escape a satyr. Another Roman poet, Ovid, wrote a version in which Eurydice’s death followed from her dancing with water nymphs on her wedding night. The moral undertone of this version is fascinating and opens up for different interpretations. Furthermore, then ending exists in several versions and with different, less tragic outcomes.
In this work we have superimposed the different versions but focused on the moment of Orpheus’ turning around, the fatal mistake that makes him loose Eurydice for good. Giving in to his desire to again see the face of his loved one, or is it perhaps his anxiety that Persephone and Hades have fooled him, is undoubtedly a big mistake? The video is a long ascending movement from the underworld and the original version with three screens made it impossible to see all screens at the same time. The viewer finds herself in a position similar to Orpheus’ dilemma.

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