Space is the Place is the name of the Afrofuturist movie featuring Sun Ra from 1972. Sun Ra is a strong influence on me. But now, the challenge, and the new futurism, is to start to disregard place as a confined area and to fully acknowledge that space is som much more than place.

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Locomotion is an ongoing project that takes its departure in field recordings made in and around the KMH campus. These are used to create a virtual sonic space that allows the listener to be at several places at the same time, metaphorically speaking.

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Drinking for Thanh Thuy


Drinking is a piece for electronics, voice and Dan Tranh (a Vietnamese zither) for Nguyen Thanh Thuy and is composed on a poem by W. B. Yeats from a concept by Bill Brooks.

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The duo Mongrel, consisting of Anders Elberling and Henrik Frisk, has worked together for severeal years on numerous audio/visual projects. The overarching ambition with their work is to critically examine the nature of the relation between audio and video. Their works have been performed in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Vietnam among other countries.

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