As a follow-up to etherSound I have been planning to do a similar project titled bioSound. The point of etherSound was to collect information about what messages where sent to the sound installation, what time they were sent and if there was any interaction between the messages (for example, did one message trigger new messages etc).

The idea behind bioSound is to create a context in which I can collect the same kind of information generated by unforeseen meteorological events. Where etherSound was purely digital in its sound generation and its event generation (it is based on analysis of text messages), the sound production of bioSound will be analog.

The sonic events will be produced by large glass tubes, hung in wires and placed outdoors, filled with water and initially tuned to a pre-composed harmonic scale. The tubes will be struck by hammers controlled by small electrical engines powered by a solar cell. Through the continuous change of power fed from the solar cells and the evaporation from, or refilling of the tubes, both the impetus and the pitch of the resulting sounds will change over time. Placing small pickup microphones on each of the tubes will allow me to record all the changes and play it back in real time or non real time (faster?).

To be continued…

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