I will need to try to make a priority list for the fall. The first thing coming up is the seminar with Stefan at Malmö Academy of Music. However, the preparation for that shoudn’t take to long since I am goning to give the same presentation as I intended to do for the last spring seminar at the Art Academy.

A list of the projects I am involved in:

  • Rewriting and translation to English of the etherSound-article. This should really be my first priority.
  • Get the implementation of JetNet together in order to start testing it and evaluate the Kohonan ANN for timbre recognition.
  • Prepare for the trip to Minsk
  • Get the scetches for the harp piece ordered and decide whether to postpone the composing until the JetNet implementation is up and running.
  • Start discussions with Stefan about guitarr piece.
  • Get my site (including this blog) finished and published

That’s all I can think about for now.

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