After having played with some sounds today created by a physical model of a plucked string, I started thinking about preparing some of the strings of the harp for this piece, much in the same way one prepares piano strings sometimes. I have no idea if it has been done or if it can be done, but I can’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t be possible.

In this composition I’m working with three ideas (characters), all built up from the same tone rows. What I want to achieve is for these characters to evolve during the piece, to show different aspects of their character without altering the core. The computer part will play an important role in that regard, through the possibility to alter the sounds, those in the computer part as well as those from the harp. For this to be successful the sounds of the computer must blend well with the harp. Preparing the harp simply gives me a larger set of possible sounds to work with.

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