The seminar me and my collegue Stefan Östersjö did today triggered some interesting discussions. I think that the connection we have found between interpretation (Stefan’s subject) and improvisation proved to be a fruitful one and a path that can lead us into new territories.

Two questions that I received today are especially worth following up. The first one concerns my proposed model of the the specific case of a music for performer(s) and computer as two separate systems connected by the mode of interaction between them. The question was something like: If the integration is successful and the two systems merges inte one, what will be the nature of this higher class?The second one concerned my proposition that pitch and sound are of different logical types and was something like: What is the relation between the smallest identifiable sonic event (information about a specific event) and the whole (information about the general case)?

I don’t have answers to any of these questions yet, but I believe I need to look into it. These questions can be exactly what I need to focus on right now, in order to get along with this aspect of my work.

Slides and notes for the presentation as pdf-files:

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