Today I found an answer to the second question that was raised by Johannes Johansson at the seminar yesterday. The question (What is the relation between the smallest identifiable sonic event and the whole?) is addressed by Xenakis Xenakis, 1963 in much the same terms that I use:

“At the beginning of a transformation towards asymmetry, exceptional events are introduced into symmetry and act as aesthetic stimuli. When these exceptional events multiply and become the general case, a jump to the next higher level occurs. The level is one of disorder, which, at least in the arts and in the expression of artists, proclaims itself as engendered by the complex, vast, and rich vision of the brutal encounters of modern life.” [p. 25]

For myself, I am not sure I am satisfied with this answer, but it shows that the concept of logical typing has been used in this context by others. I find his description a little vague and I would like to dig in deeper into what really happens when the jump occurs.

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