I have been working with the translation and re-writing of the article I wrote on etherSound in Swedish earlier this year. This version will also serve as a starting point for a paper co-written with the curator for the project for which etherSound was commisioned, Miya Yoshida. I have found some interesting angles that I am following which proved to be very time consuming but also inspiring. MIC and STIM have published the original Swedish version of the article on their site. Read it here.

In parallel with writing I am reworking the csound score that generate the sound for etherSound. I will also rewrite and expand the Java program that does the text interpretation. In the original version I used two FOF synthesis unit generators - I was limited to two by processing power. I am doing a recording of an improvisation along with etherSound and the text messages that was sent during a performance in May this year and for this I have access to much more processing power. In the new version I will have five FOF unit generators in paralell following the vowels as given by the current text message.

Originally I could only allow the computer to play back one message at a time. In the new version I will let the messages overlap but I will probably have to work out a way to limit the number of simultaneous sound objects in some way. If not because of processing power limitations, for reasons of sonic clarity.

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