Finished the paper on etherSound a few days ago. The biggest problem ended up being that I had to transfer the whole article to Word format whcih is a major problem if you write in LaTeX, as I do. Anyways, it’s done and I will eventually post it here.

I am very pleased to have figured out how to use OpenSound Control which makes it much more convenient to have a multi computer setup. Furthermore, in etherSound it is the best way to interface between the analysis application that I have written in Java, and the synthesis application that runs in Max/MSP. In the first version I did this through the use of MIDI, which was just plain stupid. In April The Stockholm Saxophone Quartet is playing my piece Perspicio again, in which I use two computers. I will redo that patch as well and implement OSC.

I am now working on yet another article for a seminar next week. This one is an assignment and is discussing the criticism against artistic research. Can art be research? And if it is, what part of it constitutes research? This all is related to the issues brought up at the seminar in Gothenburg last year, that I commented on.

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