When improvising on saxophone with live electronics - a computer - one of the things I am interested in is what can be described as the distorted mirror reflection of what I play. Not so much in terms of notes and rhythms as on the more fundamental level of timbre. A monologue turned into a discussion between two parties. This is obviously only true in a very limited sense. If I myself have programmed the computer the chances are that I will recognize the output as a result of the algorithms I have implemented. However, this is also dependent on what level I choose to look (listen) at it from. If the programme is adaptive enough, i.e. the output of the system is to a high degree dependent on the input over time, the result may actually be quite surprising on a detailed scale.

I have the same attitude towards playing my instrument: I want to be surprised by myself. This can only happen if I transcend the reflective side of my ego and accept any sound as a valid sound.

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