I have just started a complete re-write of the spectral analysis part of my main programming project - the timbreMap. After having optimized the DFT calculations for the AltiVec (also known as the Velocity Engine) of the PPC processor, I have now decided to use the cross platform library FFTW3. The main reason is I’m no longer using the PPC hardware… I have also started cleaning up the code and attempting to optimize parts of it. Other things that needs to be fixed are:

  • Pre-processing of the audio signal. The input should be high and low pass filtered.
  • Cleaning up the GUI and making all parameters settable, either in a .conf or .rc file or in the GUI.
  • Adding support for saving a vector of all the weights of the feature map. This particular one involves calling a routine in Fortran from Java going through C/C++ code. Oh well...
  • Many, many other little things....

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