Having spent the last few days familiarizing myself with the sound and MIDI-files for Anne LeBarons Cyber opera Sucktion I’m now starting to get an idea of what is expected of me. Initially I thought I’d make use of the MIDI files in order to generate some of the part in real-time. On second thought, however, I think I will rather focus on the audio files provided by the composer, and work with them in various ways. As much as I like the idea of real-time manipulation and generation of sound, the concept of stuck notes is equally off-putting. I may still use parts of the MIDI-files for certain aspects to reinforce a particular part of a voice.

For the audio files I will use a Pd patch I developed for a concert earlier this year that allows me to scratch the sound-files using various techniques. What I would like to be able to do here is to play back the original sound file while at the same time scratch a copy of the same file and mix it in together with the original.

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