It’s been a while since I last carried speakers to the extent I’ve done today. 24 separate analog speakers and eight subs. Althought we have done similar things in Stockholm I’m really impressed by the way things are coordinated and figured out at CCRMA, building on the experience they have in multichannel audio. It will be really interesting to see how it works. I have never played a multichannel piece outdoors.

For the occasion I have made a binaural version of Elle a dansé, il se tourna simply be encoding the four stereo channel pairs into a combined third order signal. I worked unexpectedly well wit a few exceptions where some wind noises in the beginning made a strange kind of phasing effect that I didn’t experience in the stereo version. It always makes me a bit nervous to re-code music like this as I’m worried that some precision in the eight channel version spatialisation gets lost. On the other hand, outputting eight channels on an array of 24 speakers may be bit of a waste.

Soon I will know if it works.

The yard of the Knoll at Stanford The yard of the Knoll at Stanford The yard of the Knoll at Stanford
Setting up speakers in the yard of the Knoll at Stanford.

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