December 10 at 12, noon myself and Stefan Östersjö will perform a concert as part of our seminar presentations of our respective artistic research projects.
The seminars will take place on the afternoon of December 10 (immediately after the concert) and on the morning of December 11.
Prof. Simon Emmerson will discuss Henrik Frisk’s PhD project and Prof. Stephen Goss will discuss Stefan Östersjö’s project.


  • Kent Olofsson: Alambic IV (2006) for electric guitar, e-bow and electronics
  • Henrik Frisk: Improvisation for saxophone and computer
  • Henrik Frisk: Repetition Repeats All Other Repetitions (2006) for 10-string guitar and electronics
  • Paul Dolden: Physics of Seduction. Invocation #1 (1991) for electric guitar and tape


  • Stefan Östersjö, electric and acoustic guitars
  • Henrik Frisk: saxophone and electronics
  • Kent Olofsson: Diffusion

The final defense of our PhD projects is scheduled for May 11-13, 2008. Both of these research projects are performed at Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University. Should you wish to receive the material that will be discussed in the seminar, please contact me at mail AT henrikfrisk DOT com or pick up your printed copy at the information deskt at Malmö Academy of Music. An invitation (in Swedish) may be downloaded here containing all the necessary information.

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