October 1st marks the premiere of my new project Pli. Our debut concert is held at Viktoriateatern in Malmö, Sweden at 7.30 pm. The concert is recorded by the Swedish National Radio and as soon as the broadcast is made public I will post the link here. Pli is a 10 piece band with some of my favourite musicians including Almaz Yebio (vocal), Marcelo Gabard Pazos (alto and baritone sax), Morten Carlsen (tenor sax), Jakob Riis (trombone, laptop), Samuel Hällkvist (guitar), Sten Sandell (piano, voice, electronics), Nils Ölmedal (double bass), David Carlsson (electric bass), Peter Nilsson (drums). The concert is a part of the ongoing KOPAfestival 2009 and is produced along with Jazz i Malmö.<h4>About Pli</h4> Pli is about freedom without responsibility. It is about traveling from A to C without passing by B. Star Wars and Leibniz are sources of inspiration. Folded spaces that allows for movement across boundaries disregarding spatial linearity. Pli is a collective of some of my favorite musicians and we will play new and old music with interpretations of freedom being the (only) overruling principle.

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