On Friday November 13, at 8 pm, you have a unique oportunity to listen to this very original work by American experimentalist composer and improviser Anne LeBaron. The libretto is by Douglas Kearney and tells the story of the (cyborg) transformation of a lonely housewife (portrayed by the American soprano Marja Liisa Kay) who is developing a sexual relationship with a vacuum cleaner given to her by her absent and ignorant husband Manny. Read more about Sucktion here. The small ensemble, apart from myself on laptop and Marja Liisa, includes the Danish percussionist David Hildebrandt. The performance is directed by Fredrik Haller, light by Johan Bergman and costumes by Jenny Ljungberg. The staging is a collaboration between Teatr Weimar and Ars Nova and is furthermore a part of the ongoing Connect Festival.

The performance starts at 8 pm at Babel, Malmö.

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