My paper Improvisation, Computers, and Primary Process: Why Improvise With Computers in issue number 32 of the journal New Sound is now available along with a track by me on the accompanying CD. The editor for this issue is Marcel Cobussen and among the other authors are David Toop and Sara Ramshaw. The journal may be accessed online following this link.
This is the abstract for the paper:

In this essay I look at various aspects of the conscious/unconscious continuum in relation to freely improvised music and in relation to the computer-as-instrument and the computer-as-improviser. Drawing on the work of anthropologist Gregory Bateson I make use of the idea that the unconcious is structured in a manner distinct from the conscious. Furthermore I evaluate the assumption that art in general and improvisation specifically, communicate according to the logic of the unconscious. These two arguments are used to give an experimental account as to the validity of using the computer as an instrument in the context of freely improvised music.

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