I will be playing in Malmö two nights in the upcoming week. The first occasion is an exciting Swedish/Danish/Vietnamese collaboration, an offspring of the Hanoi New Music Meeting that took place last October. The second is my live premiere with my band Ooko featuring Katrine Amsler and Michala Östergaard-Nielsen on piano and drums respectively.

Hanoi New Meesic Meeting in Malmö - April 12

At Skånes scen för live- och crossoverkonst, Bragegatan 1, Malmö 19.30.

The concert features Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Lotte Anker, Jakob Riis, Per Anders Nilsson and Stefan Östersjö.

Ooko at Klubb Kong in Malmö - April 13

Klubb Kong is a recently opened club started by producer wizard Tore Johansson at which Kopasetic Productions is doing a few events in the spring. Wednesday April 13 marks the first of these and apart from Ooko, David’s Angels and Krister Jonsson (solo) may be heard. In addition, drummer Peter Danemo is DJing.

Read more on Kopasetic.se or at Sydsvenskan.se (in Swedish only)

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