I will be doing a solo saxophone/laptop performance on Monday October 1 at the EarZoom festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In addition to the concert I will also do a presentation on some of my ongoing research. The EarZoom festival is curated by Miha Ciglar and is arranged by the IRZU the newly established institute for sonic arts in Ljubljana.

Read more about the concert event and venue here.<h4>EARZOOM Sonic Arts Festival 2010</h4>

2. - 7. October 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia

IRZU – the Institute for sonic Arts Research was founded in 2008 in Ljubljana with the aim of filling a local content gap in the interdisciplinary field of contemporary sonic arts. Our activities cover the following three main areas: audio technology research (digital signal processing, sonic interaction design, music information retrieval, non-linear acoustics, etc.), artistic productions (performances, exhibitions, installations, films) and educational projects (lectures, workshops), which are mostly aimed at transmitting basic knowledge on the use of digital technologies and conceptual approaches in sonic arts, to local composers and inter-media artists.

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