Copenhagen Art Ensemble will perform my piece Continuous Breach at two concerts this week. In Oslo, at the Vinterlyd festival on February 27, and in Malmö at the InterArt Center on February 25.
<h4>About Copenhagen Art Ensemble</h4>Copenhagen Art Ensemble consists of fourteen musicians and is considered one of Denmark’s most interesting and groundbreaking large ensembles in contemporary jazz. Since 1996 conductor Ture Larsen and saxophonist Lotte Anker have fronted the ensemble.

The fourteen musicians who make up the band are all strong ensemble players, as well as individually personal and colourful soloists/improvisers, and together they make up the substance of the unique sound that is characteristic of Copenhagen Art Ensemble. Similarly, the ensemble combines “small group” qualities like energy, flexibility, spontaneity and improvisational freedom with the complex colour and rhythmic potential of the large ensemble.

Copenhagen Art Ensemble plays new music composed especially for the band, and has since the start in 1996 played more than 100 concerts mainly in the Nordic countries and premiered over 50 works by a wide range of Danish composers like John Tchicai, Marilyn Mazur, Pierre Dørge, Kim Kristensen, Irene Becker, Fredrik Lundin, Thomas Agergaard, Jakob Riis, Jens Hørsving, Ture Larsen and Lotte Anker.

In addition the ensemble has played concerts with - and music by - international soloists/composers such as Django Bates (UK), Jon Balke (N), Tim Berne (USA), Jan Levander (S), Peter Danemo (S), Joachim Kühn (D) and Joakim Milder (S).

Copenhagen Art Ensemble is based on a vision of performing music that reaches beyond the usual genre boundaries and stylistic barriers within and among different forms of artistic expression.

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