On Monday September 19 at 19.30 the digital ensemble The Trembling Aeroplanes will perform an exciting program of music by myself, Mattias Rodrick and Kent Olofsson. Kent’s piece is a Hoerspiel, “les Portes de l’Enfer”, produced in collaboration with Teatr Weimar with text by Jörgen Dahlqvist. In this concert the ensemble will perform the full version of my piece The Mystic Writing Pad.

The concert is a IAC, Bergsgatan in Malmö.Both The Mystic Writing Pad and “les Portes de l’Enfer” will also be performed in Copenhagen on September 29 along with the premiere of “Cicus Maximus”, a multimedia piece by American composer Alvin Curran. That concert is part of the Integra festival at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

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