The real inauguration of DomDom, the hub for experimental art in Vietnam, Hanoi marks an important continuation for independent experimental and creative music in Vietnam. DomDom, an NGO with a potential impact on the cultural deveopment of Vietnam is also the host of a series of workshops and seminars of which I have been teaching the electronic music workshop.<h4>December 07 The Rest Is Noise</h4>

9:30pm – Saturday, Dec. 7th 2013

Venue: Tadioto - 2nd Floor, Block A, 9 Tran Thanh Tong

From the program:

“The 1960s and ‘70s witnessed numerous revolutions and radical social change. Natural and man-made sounds and noises - the outsiders of classical music history - were no longer rejected, but were even embraced as material and a new standard for aesthetics and philosophy of music. That approach entered the 21st century on a diverse and volatile basis with the support of the scientific and technical achievements in the digital era. Come and join the evening of electronic music by representative Vietnamese and international electronic musicians, to enjoy various electronic music styles and experience a space of sounds in which The Rest Is Noise.”

  • Tri Minh
  • Jakob Riis
  • Henrik Frisk
  • Burkhard Beins
  • Sonx

December 08 | Being Together

Date & time: 7:30pm – Sunday, Dec. 8th 2013

Venue: Youth Theatre - 11 Ngô Thì Nhậm

From the program:

“Being together is the big closing show including prominent music improvisers from Vietnam and other countries. Working together during the Festival, they will develop an extraordinary musical dialogue as an individual performer or a mixed group and will present their outcomes on the last day of Festival week.” </img>

  • Vietnam: ThanhThuy - Tranh / Tra My - Monochord / Pham Thi Hue – Tỳbà, đànđáy, phách, vocal / Sonx – Percussions / Kim Ngọc: Tranh, vocal
  • Denmark: Lotte Anker - Saxophone / Jakob Riis - Electronics
  • Sweden: Terje Thiwång - Flute / Henrik Frisk – Electronics / Stefan Östersjö – Acoustic Guitar, electric guitar
  • Germany: Burkhard Beins - Percussions
  • Italy: Stefano Giust - Percussions / Patrizia Oliva – Vocal

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