expEAR is a new project situated in the border between art and research. After a week long workshop with Katt Hernandez we do two concerts in Malmö and in Uppsala. See for more information.expEAR is formed out of the two words expression/explore and hear/ear. It is a dynamic group with Henrik Frisk, Maggi Olin and Peter Nilsson as its core. Guests will be invited to explore, listen and interact. Some of the goals of expEAR are to learn more about ways in which we as musicians and as group can develop, how improvised music can develop and communicated among us, and how it can be communicated to listeners.

Katt Hernandez moved to Stockholm in 2010, after living in the Boston and Philadelphia areas for thirteen years, playing improvised and various other sorts of music on the violin, producing shows, and helping to run spaces. She quickly became involved in many new projects, including The Schematics, Stakenäs/Sandell/Hernandez trio, Hernandez/Erlandsson duo, Yun Kan 10, Klas Nevrin Ensemble and many other collaborations. Katt has also recently earned a Masters degree in Electro-acoustic composition from Kungliga Musik Högskolan (the Royal Music Academy of Sweden), where she studied with William Brunson, and continues her work in electro-acoustic composition at EMS (the Electronic Music Studio of Sweden). She has performed in many festivals in Europe, including Hagenfesten, Norberg, Geiger Festivalen, Berlin Bienalle and Sound of Stockholm. She also works as an assistant producer at Fylkingen, and has recently become the head of the board of directors for F.R.I.M. (Sweden’s organization for the promotion of improvised music),

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