A presentation at a small conference at KTH in connection with Emma Fridh’s public defence on a study in the project Goodbye Intuition.

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Machinic Propositions is a project started by the duo Mongrel in 2015. It is simultaneously an artistic project and an attempt to critically examine Deleuze and Guattari?s theorems of deterritorialisation as found in Chapters Seven and Ten of their seminal work A Thousand Plateaus. The output has taken a few different shapes and used different kinds of media.

Like many of our other works, Machinic Propositions is part of the attempt to counteract the predominance of one medium over the other, in particular, video over audio. In this paper, we discuss our artistic method in which narrativity and improvisation play central roles. It has grown out of our thinking about contemporary media and an attempt to critically examine both our own pro-technical approach and the hypermedia landscape we act and live in.

In this project, we have looked at the relation between the two media as a system of de/reterritorialisation. Our practice, like many other artistic practices, maybe likened to a rhizome, a network of ideas that in the beginning is spread out on a plane. Eventually, and partly through a self-organizing process and conceptual development, a folding of this space is taking place. Nodes that in the beginning may have been located far from each other may now be situated in close proximity. Thereby, they become accessible nodes of interaction in our practice.

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