Together with a group of musicians scattered around the world I will do an online performance on November 4 at 20:00 CET. The other musicians are:

  • Constantin Basica (piano and electronics)
  • Henrik von Coler (electronics and objects)
  • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano (modular synth)
  • Chryssie Nanou (piano)
  • Chris Chafe (cello)
  • Fred Malouf (guitar)
  • Juan Parra (guitar)
  • Luna Valentin

The event is the NowNet Arts Conference:

NowNet Arts Conference is an annual event for artists, technologists, researchers, educators, and industry professionals advancing topics in contemporary network arts for the ongoing development of the field. The theme for our 6th annual conference “Immersion in Network Arts: Innovations for Artistic and Technological Designs” explores immersion in hybrid and virtual settings, physical and perceptual realms, and histories of immersion in artistic works. Immersive work lives on the hyphen that connects senses.

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