A composition for the a multi speaker array, saxophone and computer premiered at The Stage at CCRMA, Stanford University

For Bill, Rising

A composition for the Klangkupolen at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Rain will evaporate

A sound installation for the sculpure parc Ulvhälls Hällar, Strägnäs (2022)


expEAR is formed out of the two words expression/explore and hear/ear. It is a dynamic group with Henrik Frisk, Maggi Olin and Peter Nilsson as its core. Gue...


Drinking: Composed from a concept by Bill Brooks on a poem by W. B. Yeats


The duo Mongrel, consisting of Anders Elberling and Henrik Frisk, has worked together for severeal years on numerous audio/visual projects. The overarching a...


lim is a collective band playing improvised and metaphysical music. As a trio we have been playing since 1997 but in 2013 we were joined by guitarist Samuel ...

The Six Tones

The Six Tones is a platform for an encounter between traditional and experimental cultures in Asia and the west. The core of this practice is, since 2006, an...


Sound installation comissioned by curator Miya Yoshida


comissioned by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet


Frendin/Frisk is a duo with that has toured in USA, Canada, Iceland, Germany and Scandinavia. We play a mix of improvised and contemporary music with a sense...


for Electric Viola Grande and electronics

Tetrachordal Variations

Program note (EN) (by Peter Bates) According to Merriam Webster, a tetrachord is a “diatonic series of four tones with an interval of a perfect fourth betwee...