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Improvisation over Mimionimas

A short afterthought on Kim Hedås Minimonimas for string quartet played by me on a set of six physical models of a violin.

pvm: a living room improvisation

A living room improvisation on materials recorded in Vietnam in 2019. These recordings wa made as part of the Transformations project, an artistic research p...

expEAR: Prime Directive

The group expEAR did a tour with Drew Gress following up on the release of the CD Vesper by the same constellation. This recording was made in Vilnius. Apart...

Analog Visuals

A concert with Polish clarinettist Jerzy Mazoll and the video duo Analog Visuals in Malmö, Sweden on July 12, 2011.

Ooko: Like Someone in Love

Ooko live at Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm on December 1, 2010. Ooko is Henrik Frisk (sax), Katrine Amsler (pi), Johannes Burström (bas) and Michala Österg...

Trane Bird

lim with Marc Ducret: live at Glenn Miller Café, November 2010

Pac eats mass

A performance and installation at Gallery Louis 21 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on February 12, 2010. The installation was a collaboration with Swedish artist...

The Deadly Gardening Accident

The title of this tune is inspired by a dialogue in the file The Spinal Tap in which the mysterious and tragic death of the band’s drummer is discussed. App...

The Chase

This tune was written in 1990 while I was living in Copenhagen. Originally it was intended as a hardbop tune. Here, it is performed by Henrik Frisks Ooko.


Henrik Frisks Ooko: A tune written in the mid 1990s. I used to play this in a duo with Richie Beirach. This recording is with my trio Ooko.


A movie of a concert at Huset in Copenhagen during ICMC 2007.The sounds that are a result of received SMS’ are easily identified; they have a bell like char...

Frendin/Frisk duo

Frendin Frisk Duo (Henrik Frisk - laptop, and Henrik Frendin - viola): Recording (video and audio) from a concert in Malmö in September 2007.The recording w...


An improvisation for solo saxophone and interactive computer


Live recording from Fasching with Henrik Frendin, Henrik Frisk and Lars Juul.

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