On June 23 I will perform with the project Analog Visuals at Inter Arts Centre in Malmö. Analog Visuals is Vitaily Harmash (belarussian electronic musician), Jerzy Mazzoll (polish clarinettist, who has played with Tony Oxley, Alfred Harth, Peter Brotzmann among others) and the visual artists Marcin and Tomek Ebert.Analog Visuals are analog projections for concerts and cultural events. The project is the brainchild of brothers Marcin and Tomek Ebert. Inspired by analog imagery, they produce images by analog optical and electronic devices, using overhead projectors, cameras and video equalizers. The core component of their performance setup is an analog overhead projector which displays oil dish projections creating a continuously varying array of multicoloured forms giving their work an distinct analog feel.This analog art presentation is blended together with live camera input in real time. The fusion of analog medium and live video changes every performance into a unique visual art form.

The moving image is tightly integrated with sound. During concerts, interaction between visual artists and musicians often results in musical improvisations. AnalogVisuals have collaborated with artists such as Mazzoll, Masecki, Tworzywo sztuczne,Trifonidis Orchestra and many others. They have performed sets at over 100 concerts and festivals in Poland, Berlin, Prague and Kaliningrad. Analog light art. Live.

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