February 24, 18:00 I am participating in Katt Hernandez’ event on Virkesvägen 3 in Hammarby Sjöstad. Katt Hernandez has been invited by CoyoteSTHM to curate an evening of music and sound art, with a focus on psychogeography.

In an interview that Katt made into a double stereo work, a story of the city dissappearing, re-emmerging as something wholly other, came forth almost absent-mindedly, told in birds, by the performance artist Marie Gavois:

”. . . seagulls shriek when they have children. SKREE! SKREE! Seagulls shriek! But now? The seagulls have dissappeared, and now came the sparrows, with their low whine: weu-weu-weu-weu, weu-weu-weu.”

The site, situated in Kvartern Sparven (the Sparrow Block), was first home to a sock and stocking factory. The current building was built in the 1950s, and was home to a number of different factories and businesses, including a glass factory, mirror factory, food court and other light industrial occupations. It will soon become a part of the massive transformation of the former industrial area to new condominiums.

The evening will include work from:

  • -- Deuterium Quartet --
  • -- James Barrett --
  • -- Henrik Frisk --
  • -- Geraldine Hudson --
  • -- Katt Hernandez --
  • -- Jacek Smolicki -- </ul> Deuterium Quartet: Katt Hernandez -. Scortatura Violin, Lisa Gerholm - Nyckelharpa, Bruno Andersen - Vevlira This group of mechanical string instruments will play a new music composition/improvisation made specifically for this space, and perhaps other things. They have also performed at Norberg Festival and the Dome of Visions.

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