A concert in Malmö, at the Palladium, tonight Oct 30 at 6PM where I will be performing with Katrine Amsler and Johannes Burström as well as with David Carlsson.The complete program is:

[1] Benjamin Staern: Yellow Skies for altfllute and tape [2] David Carlsson and Henrik Frisk, el. bass, electronics and laptop [3] Benjamin Staern: Bara luft och brus for tuba and electronics


[4] inandout (Daniel Hjorth and Stefan Klaverdal, laptop) [5] Agustín Fernandez: Wounded Angel for charango and tape [6] Martin Svensson: Deliverance for tape [7] Henrik Frisk, sax and electronics, Katrine Amsler, keyboard, Johannes Persson Burström bass

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